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Situation Analysis:

The Young Women’s Leadership Charter School’s Board of Directors contacted Global 360 to assist with the marketing and public relations for the annual Girl Power event and enhance the visibility of Chicago’s only all-girl public school. The prominent school, known for its exemplary curricula and history of 100 percent of its graduates accepted to college, required additional operating funds to supplement the annual support from Chicago Public Schools. Moreover, the school was competing against other charter schools for private donations

  • Goals:
  • Design and print all collaterals for the Girl Power event and branded school materials
  • Assist in booking guest panelists and host for event
  • Enhance YWLCS’s visibility as one of the most viable public schools in the city for young girls
  • Execution:
  • Created collaterals to compliment the theme of the fundraiser.
  • Sent out request letter to potential host and panelist for the fundraiser
  • Global 360 provided a complete PR strategy focused on the school’s annual “Girl Power” fundraiser highlighting the academic history and accomplishments.
  • Released press materials supporting the fundraiser while highlighting compelling story angles, including:
  • Former YWLCS graduate and now environmental scientist to participate as panelist in fundraiser
  • ComEd CEO to address students at annual “Girl Power” fundraiser
  • Students attending Chicago’s only all-girl public school offered multiple scholarships to universities across the nation
  • Assisted YWLCS in selecting appropriate spokespersons for the PR campaign. The agency provided on-site media training for students and for members of the board
  • The campaign also included a social media component. All press materials were used as content on the school’s SM accounts, with more consumer-friendly condensed versions targeted to potential sponsors as well as parents.
  • Results:
  • Secured an interview on ABC-TV News for one of the school’s most successful students and the chairman of the board
  • Secured an interview with the panelist and former YWLCS student on FOX-TV’s “Good Day Chicago”
  • Secured on-site coverage for the fundraiser on NBC-TV News
  • Secured an interview for the board chairman on WBBM, WVAZ,WGCI, WGRB, WSRB and WVON
  • With repeated airings, more than 12 million impressions were recorded

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