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Project Management

Great ideas turn into great results when knowledgeable, results driven strategists, are skilled in managing projects, building brand recognition, and ensuring return on investment. Global 360 Marketing is your strategist.  We bring large and small scale projects from the idea cultivation stage to the dynamic, awe inspiring experience you have yet to imagine.

Web/Mobile Design

An organization’s web and mobile presence has all but surpassed the brick and mortar location as the number one component for brand awareness.  Global 360 Marketing does not just create websites or mobile apps. Instead, we create vibrant, robust, virtual spaces and experiences that invite the consumer to explore, engage and become a lifelong customer.

Multimedia Production

“Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear…” This has been embedded into the psyches of the buying public since time immemorial.  …but what a potential customer “sees” should be about more than images in a commercial, interactive web content, or electronic billboards.  Seeing must be an experience that inspires action, engaging all five senses in a dynamic, fully immersive way.  Global 360 Marketing blends the complexities of story creation, production, and cutting edge technical know-how, to excite the senses and inspire your target audience to believe in your message.

Public Relations

Public Relations is more than telling a good story. It’s accentuating a client’s highs, re-imaging their lows, and tipping their in-betweens to the right side of the line. It’s understanding the client’s brand and loftiest goals within the marketplace, and not only advising them, but creating opportunities to turn those goals into profit.  Global 360 Marketing transforms client brands into best sellers.

Market Research

In the land of marketing decisions, data is king! …but the success of the kingdom depends on the creativity and wisdom with which data is used. Global 360 Marketing utilizes a comprehensive mix of research methods and technologies tailored to client and marketplace needs, allowing clients to not only keep pace with trends, but to create them.

Media Planning & Placement

Build it and they will come, but only if they know it exists. Planning and executing a branding or direct marketing experience is about more than the right content being delivered to the right audience.  It’s about leveraging long-time industry relationships, negotiating skills, and a comprehensive range of media services to ensure a client’s message becomes part of the daily consciousness of the marketplace.


Global 360 Marketing is an integrated corporate relations consulting agency. We provide a holistic approach to capturing a consumer’s attention. Our mission is to: strengthen the vision of our partners so that they can see their  potential up close and around the globe. Our services include: Media Planning and Placement, Audio/Visual Production, Service Sales, Research Marketing, Project Management, Web/Mobile Design, Public Relations, Event Planning and Talent Integration.

Advertising is a serious business and it requires an integrated market analysis and business assessment to generate a movement that will increase market share, customer base and return on investment.

We research the latest trends and technologies in the market in order to stay ahead of the curve. We conduct a precise S.W.O.T analysis to help our clients reach their goals and we do it with utmost care to deliver proven results.