Dr. Sakira Jackson

Dr. Sakira Jackson


Situation Analysis:

Business consultant and author Dr. Sakira Jackson was challenged to attract attendees to her schedule of workshops aimed at small business owners and C-suite professionals requiring assistance in growing their businesses. Although a veteran in her space, Dr. Sakira was competing against highly-exposed consultants who were SM savvy and strategically sound.


  • Introduce Dr. Jackson to a community of entrepreneurs requiring information on how to grow their business
  • Brand Dr. Jackson as a consultant with the capacity to positively affect any business, regardless of the industry
  • Increase the attendance at Dr. Jackson’s quarterly workshops and seminars


  • Global 360 produced a dynamic audio/video campaign to showcase Dr. Jackson’s unique brand of consulting and mentorship.
  • The quality videos were designed to present Dr. Jackson to an audience of entrepreneurs and small business owners in a format that was both relatable and informative.
  • The agency also provided regular promotional support by producing and distributing collateral materials to announce and ultimately populate her events.


  • Attendance at Dr. Sakira’s events increased by more than 10 percent in one year


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