Global 360 MarketingGlobal 360 Marketing

The U.S. is more diverse than ever, and the notion of what constitutes the general or mainstream market is changing. This fast changing and increasingly culturally diverse new America requires a new approach and new thinking. We specialize in, and understand, culture and how to use it to connect brands to the urban and multicultural consumers in a meaningful, relevant way.

Our capabilities are designed to work in a modern context while catering to the intricacies of all market space. We, like the market we serve, continue to adjust to the volatility of buying habits and preferences. As an integrated corporate consultant, we are equipped with a vast marketing arsenal to make sure we’re using accurate tools for each task.


Competitive Intelligence, Market Segmentation
Social Media Assessment, Shopper Surveying
S.W.O.T Analysis, New Market Opportunities


Concept Development, Digital/Interactive
Print/POS/TV/Radio, Promotion
Multimedia Production, Talent Integration


Media Placement, Event Planning
Project Management, Field Marketing/Service Sales
Integrated Marketing, Online Interactive Experiences


Brand Planning, Community Relations
Professional Coaching / Artist Development
Multicultural & Shopper Culture
Experiential Programming, Retail Marketing